Request for Proposal

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Thank you for your interest in Rouland Management Services and for contacting us to see how we can effectively and efficiently manage all of your Association's needs. The purpose of this document is to help us understand the scope of work as we prepare to present a proposal for the management of your association.

Legal Name of HOA (required)

Primary contact for HOA (required)

Primary email contact (required)

Phone (required)


Number of homes in association (required)

Are association fees paid annually (required)

What are the annual dues (required)?

The Fiscal Year runs from _______ to ________ (required)?

What is the current accounts payable (required)?

What is the number of open liens (required)?

Which of the following amenities apply to your community and to what extent do you wish to have the management company involved? For example — Is the management company responsible for hiring and overseeing pool monitors? Is the management company responsible for clubhouse reservations? Please provide a brief response in each field below. If any of the field do not apply to the HOA, type in N/A (required).

Entrance (required)

Natural Common Areas (required)

Park(s) (required)

Clubhouse (required)

Pool (required)

Tennis Courts (required)


Today's date (required)